हमें इ-मेल द्वारा फोल्लोव करें! और हज़ारो लोगो की तरह आप भी इस ब्लॉग को सीधे इ-मेल द्वारा पढ़े!


All people have a natural capacity for intuition, but many times social conditioning and formal education works against it. People are taught to ignore their instincts rather than to understand and use them as a foundation for individual growth and development, and in the process they undermine the very roots of the innate wisdom that is meant to flower into intuition.

Only Intuition can Work

When reason fails, only intuition can work. And all the great scientists have become aware of it: that all their great discoveries are made not by reason but by intuition.
Madame Curie was working for three years upon a certain problem and was trying to solve it from many directions. Every direction failed. One night, utterly exhausted, she went to sleep, and she decided... The incident is almost like Buddha. That night she decided: 'Now it is enough. I have wasted three years. It seems to be a futile search. I have to drop it.' That night she dropped it, and went to sleep.

In the night she got up in her sleep, she went to her table and wrote the answer. Then she went back, and fell into sleep. In the morning she could not even remember, but the answer was there on the table. And there was nobody in the room, and even if there had been somebody, the answer would not have been possible. She had been working for three years - one of the greatest minds of this age. But there was nobody and the answer was there. Then she looked more minutely: it was her handwriting! Then suddenly the dream surfaced. She remembered it as if she had seen a dream in the night in which she was sitting at the table and writing something. Then by and by everything surfaced. She had come to the conclusion from some other door which was not reason. It was intuition.

Buddha struggled for six years to attain samaadhi, but could not. One day he dropped the whole idea of attaining. He rested under a tree and by the morning it had happened. When he opened his eyes he was in samaadhi.

But first the reason had to be exhausted. Intuition functions only when reason is exhausted. Intuition has no process; it simply jumps from the problem to the conclusion. It is a shortcut. It is a flash.

We have corrupted intuition. Man's intuition is almost absolutely corrupted. Woman's intuition is not corrupted as much - that's why women have something called a 'hunch'. A hunch is just a fragment of intuition. It cannot be proved. You are going to take a flight and your woman simply says that she is not going and she will not allow you to go either. She feels as if something is going to happen. Now this is nonsense. You have much work to do, everything is planned, and you have to go - but your woman won't allow it. And the next day you read in the newspapers that the aeroplane was hijacked, or it crashed and all the passengers died.

Now the woman cannot say how she knows. There is no way. It is just a hunch, just a feeling in the guts. But that too is very corrupted, that's why it is just a flash.

From thinking to Feeling

intelligence is the inborn capacity to see, to perceive. Every child is born intelligent, then made stupid by the society. We educate him in stupidity. Sooner or later he graduates in stupidity.

Intellect is a heavy thing, intelligence is more total. Intellect is borrowed, intelligence is your own. Intellect is logical, rational; intelligence is more than logical. It is super-logical, it is intuitive. The intellectual person lives only through argument. Certainly, arguments can lead you up to a certain point, but beyond that, hunches are needed.
Even great scientists who work through reason come to a point where reason does not work, where they wait for a hunch, for some intuitive flash, for some light from the unknown. And it always happens: if you have worked hard with the intellect, and you don't think that intellect is all, and you are available to the beyond, someday a ray penetrates you. It is not yours; and yet it is yours because it is nobody else's. It comes from God. It comes from your innermost center. It looks as if it is coming from the beyond, because you don't know where your center is to be intuitive.

Buddha uses intelligence in the sense of awareness, in the sense of mindfulness. The Sanskrit word, SADHUMATI, is very beautiful. MATI means intelligence, and SADHU means sage: sagely intelligence; not only intelligence, but sagely intelligence. There are people who may be rational but are not reasonable. To be reasonable is more than to be rational. Sometimes the reasonable person will be ready to accept the irrational too - because he is reasonable. He can understand that the irrational also exists. The rational person can never understand that the irrational also exists. He can only believe in the limited logical syllogism.

But there are things which cannot be proved logically, and yet they are. Everybody knows they are, and nobody has ever been able to prove them. Love is; nobody has ever been able to prove what it is, or whether it is or not. But everybody knows - love is. Even people who deny - they are not ready to accept anything beyond logic - even they fall in love. When they fall in love then they are in a difficulty, they feel guilty.

But love is.

And nobody is ever satisfied by intellect alone unless the heart also is fulfilled. These are the two polarities inside you: the head and the heart.

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